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PowerTec, Inc. is a wholly owned, class A, electrical contractor that is staffed with a vast number of years of extensive PowerTec Inc. is a wholly owned, class A, electrical contractor. experience on commercial and industrial projects.

These projects include installing power, control and communication systems at various levels of responsibility including problem solving, and design and supervision. We also offer complete maintenance of all equipment to our customers. 
PowerTec was established August 21, 1995 by Frank Patterson and Brett Londeree, who were formally employed by Fischbach and Moore for twenty-three years and six years respectively, when their Richmond office was closed.


Frank C. Patterson, President of Powertec
Frank C. Patterson

In Memory of Frank Patterson Frank C Patterson, Co-Founder of PowerTec Inc. passed away on July 30, 2016. His ability to cause all to feel respected using his quiet voice of command will be greatly missed. As a PowerTec leader he earned great respect from all who knew him. His knowledge and talents in the Electrical field were impeccable. Frank, thanks for being one of the two who started PowerTec Inc. and sharing your knowledge with all.

Brett C. Londeree, Vice-President of Powertec
Brett C. Londeree


We at PowerTec Inc. intend to serve our customers in a professional manner that has and will continue a lasting working relationship. PowerTec Inc. strives to build a confident relationship with each and every customer. Our Commitment includes meeting the electrical needs of our customers regardless of the size. We are dedicated to serving our customers with quality work in a competitive market place. We realize that our customers satisfaction is directly related to our success.

Commercial and industrial projects,
 power installation, control and communication
design and supervision, complete equipment maintenance and support.

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